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  1. Papelitos: An Economic Parable For Our Times


    14/05/2013 by Don Quijones

    Part children’s fable, part economic parable, Papelitos was written by Hernán Casciari, one of the rising stars of Argentinean literature, …
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  2. The Financialisation of H₂0: The Final Frontier of Bankster Capitalism


    30/04/2013 by Don Quijones

    First Posted in January 2013. A little-known US investment fund called Waterfund LLC recently announced that it had signed an agreement …
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  3. Paying the Price for Financial Ignorance


    23/04/2013 by Don Quijones

    The Western world is currently undergoing one of the most drastic redistributions of wealth in its history, with almost all …
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  4. Economics 101: The Financial Crisis Explained (With A Dash of Humour)

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    23/02/2013 by Don Quijones

    We are often told that the global financial crisis, now well into its fifth year, is far too complex an …
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  5. Sir James Goldsmith, An Unlikely Defender of the Common Man


    19/12/2012 by Don Quijones

    “The economy is there to serve the fundamental needs of society, which are prosperity, stability and contentment… If you have …
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