Important Note to Readers: Things Are About to Change Around Here, Big Time


17/01/2017 by Don Quijones

Dear Reader,

As this fledgling year settles in, there is good news and bad for followers of RGBS. I figured that you — like me — would prefer to hear the bad news first.

Here it is: after four and a half years of raging against a rising, unstoppable tide of bovine effluent, this blog is preparing to close operations. The website has run its course and, to paraphrase Monty Python’s John Cleese, it will soon be an ex-blog.

The good news is that Raging Bullshit’s demise will coincide with the rise from its ashes of a new blog (two words, two syllables, 10 letters, initials: RG). Among other things, the new blog will:

  • Have a shorter, somewhat less profane name, much sexier design, more complete layout and a more user-friendly interface.
  • Be run by two people, instead of just one. A close friend and associate of mine (whom for the moment I shall refer to as “D”), will be helping with the site’s day-to-day opererations, selecting some of the content, responding to readers’ comments, running new features we’re in the process of developing, liaising with contributors and managing our social media interactions. He’s already played a major role in designing the new blog.
  • Be run along more professional lines, with more original content. That means we’ve finally had to bite the bullet and begin featuring some advertising on the new site. It’s the only chance we have of being able to dedicate as much time as we plan to and still have any hope of making ends meet.
  • (Hopefully) become a go-to platform for up and coming, gifted writers who are keen to reach a wider audience. This is, without doubt, our most important and ambitious goal. As such, if you know of any writers or bloggers who are penning original, reliable, thought-provoking content, please give us their details or, alternatively, give them ours. We also hope to make RG a lot more interactive than RGBS, by encouraging readers to comment and share their ideas, opinions, insights and feedback. We will do everything we can to respond as promptly as possible.


RG will be launched at Midnight on Jan 31, 2017. We hope you like it, since it is your opinion, interest and support that matter the most. And please, if you have any suggestions regarding content, features or potential contributors, or would just like to guess the name of the new blog, we’d be delighted to hear from you and will respond as soon as we get the chance.

All our best and a belated Happy New Year (despite all the bulls**t),

Don Quijones and “D”

18 thoughts on “Important Note to Readers: Things Are About to Change Around Here, Big Time

    • GOF says:

      Re-birth; wonderful news . With the advent of the corporate America take over of the White House with the Senate & Congres reduced to The status of ineffective Board of Directors and Shareholder watchdog respectively, you should have plenty of fodder for chewing on. Good luck, see you on the other side.

  1. Donald Riggs says:

    I have read your excellent articles for many months and greatly appreciate the efforts you have put in . Being a resident of Spain this site has been the source of much information not available anywhere else . Many thanks . My best wishes for your future success

  2. Kenneth T. says:

    I think I will miss the “bs” BUT never fear… I’ll be seeing you*** 6

  3. Ronnie says:

    Hope you keep planet earth up to date with the Raging Bullshit.
    Washingtons BS will keep everyone’s else’s BS on the back burner.
    Americas Terminal decline requires a regular column. With Greek, Roman and British subtitles.

  4. Gerard says:

    I’ like to suggest that the new name for the blog should be:
    not-really-much-bullshit-at-all :-}
    I am looking forward to enjoying this new venture soon. I do hope we’ll all be informed where we can find it. As another expat in Spain I find the information and insight very interesting, thoughtful and amusing.

    • Don Quijones says:

      Thanks for the suggestion, Gerard, which I take as a very kind complement. Unfortunately, it’s a little on the verbose side. The new name will be just two words and ten letters long.

      Once it’s up and running (as of 01.02.17), anyone who comes to RGBS will be automotically redirected to the new site. Hope you like it.

  5. john nilsen says:

    I am looking forward to your reboot! So far you and wolfstreet are my favorite places to read things that should be mainstream but never seem to make it.

    Thanks for the great work!

  6. Christian says:

    I very much appreciate all of your hard work and thoughtful and insightful articles. May I wish you every success with your new site.

  7. norma lacy says:

    Thank you for some great articles and insights. I look forward to the new site. Cheers

  8. John Cruickshank says:

    Yes, I am another expat ( retired ) and I have been reading your blog for several years. I have been impressed, nay amazed, at the depth and breadth of the subjects covered and trust that your incisive comment will continue in your new enterprise. I look forward to you continuing to rage against the BS.

    • Don Quijones says:

      Thanks, John, for your very kind words (and your loyalty to this blog). It’s great to see so many fellow expats coming here on a regular basis. And don’t worry, will continue to rage against the bovine effluent.

  9. Bram Westwood says:

    keep up the great content. its a wonderful unbiased read

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