Financial Matrix: How UK Commonwealth Became World’s Biggest Tax Haven


29/10/2014 by Don Quijones

In the following must-watch interview from 2011 the author of Treasure Islands, Nicholas Shaxson, explains how the UK was able to turn the remnants of its empire into a global network of tax havens and financial black holes, with the wholly autonomous City of London Corporation at its centre.


2 thoughts on “Financial Matrix: How UK Commonwealth Became World’s Biggest Tax Haven

  1. Schadenfreude says:

    Careful. You are revealing the falsity of the illusions that: (1.) the public has control of its government through the ballot box; (2.) Each nation is a sovereign, in charge of its affairs; and (3.) each nation’s Central Bank operates in the best interests of that nation’s people. Those who dare reveal the power and actions of the financial houses are dying by “suicide” at alarming rates.
    This interview reveals a bit about how the financial elite and multinational corporations now rule the world, and exploit the world’s population as serfs. Their power is so overwhelming that when their financial schemes go wrong, the public purse is pledged to pay their losses. However, when their schemes pay off, the profits are private and hidden in tax havens to avoid taxes. Heads, they win, tails we lose. The public pays for the police and military that protect their privileged status quo, and it is members of the public who serve and die in those services. The rich have profited greatly since the financial crisis of 2008, while the public and their democratic governments have become poorer. One has to give grudging admiration to the powers of public persuasion and mind control that have enabled governments to keep most of the public mollified. Control of the mass media is a key element, hence the mass media is owned and controlled by governments and their allies.
    Any nation that tries to defy the international financial order finds itself invaded, or isolated through sanctions. The invasion may be overt (Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) or covert (CIA overthrows of Iran in 1953, numerous African states, numerous South American states, Poland, Ukraine, Syria, etc.).
    The rise of the BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation Organization blocs may signal the biggest breakaway from the established financial/multinational oligarch order. Hence the rush to sanction Russia, to drive a wedge between between Russia and Europe, and to demonize China as a threat to its neighbours in Asia.

    • Don Quijones says:

      Great comment Shadenfreude and I wish you a warm welcome to RGBS. You are right on virtually every point you make. It’s a shame that only a tiny minority of people — albeit a growing one — realise what is actually going down and what is ultimately at stake in the current battle for control of the world’s resources.

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