Death By Drone: Just A Small Price to Pay for Freedom

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29/09/2014 by Don Quijones

As John Oliver reports in this deeply disturbing (and occasionally funny) 12-minute skit, roughly 65 percent of the US public is in favor of drone strikes (at least according to recent polls). All of which makes you wonder: how would they feel if it was their own skies that were filled with these lethal, ghostly monstrosities? How would they feel if it were their own lives that could be collaterally damaged out of existence at any moment, just because some pent-up air-force general had received orders from the Death-Decider-in-Chief.

Then again, judging by the U.S. government’s growing enthusiasm for all things totalitarian, it’s probably just a matter of time before the U.S. public gets a little taste of it’s own deadly medicine. Indeed, as the FBI Director admitted last year, predator drones are already being used over America’s skies. More comforting still, there are currently “no guidelines for their use”.

It is, I suppose, a small price to pay for freedom in a terror-fied world!

Anyway, here’s the clip:


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