Big Trouble in Catalonia, As Godfather of Independence Movement Confesses to Tax Evasion

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30/07/2014 by Don Quijones

With just 103 days remaining before Catalonia’s scheduled public consultation on national independence, a hefty spanner has been thrown into the works – and from the least likely of quarters.

The source of all the trouble is Jordi Pujol, the five-time and now-retired leader of the region’s government, who just admitted in a public letter that he had kept a fortune in tax havens for 34 years. However, according to an ongoing police investigation, this €4 million of undeclared funds is a mere drop in the ocean compared to the entire fortune that Pujol and his family has shipped off to more tax-friendly climes.

And the main source of all that lucre? Why, political corruption, of course.

Read the full article @ Wolf Street.


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