RGBS’s Film of the Week: Quants — The Alchemists of Wall Street


20/04/2014 by Don Quijones

With the banks ruling the world, and the machines as good as ruling the banks, just how close are we to another major financial crash?

In this brilliant VPRO documentary, renowned “quants” — people who specialize in the application of mathematical and statistical methods to financial and risk management problems — voice their fears about the financial industry’s almost complete dependence on mathematical models, many of them deeply flawed.


If you liked this movie, you might want to check out our rather humble though fast growing collection of Films of the Week.


2 thoughts on “RGBS’s Film of the Week: Quants — The Alchemists of Wall Street

  1. pancho says:

    hi señor quijones, check this out.


    when do we have coffee or beer in bcn or zaz?

    pancho molleja

    • Don Quijones says:

      Cheers for the link, Pancho. Heard the story a while back — it’s a damn good one, an inspiration for us all. As for having a drink, you name the day, I’ll name the bar — preferably somewhere here in Barna city center.

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