RGBS’s Film of the Week: The Shock Doctrine


28/01/2014 by Don Quijones

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Only a crisis, actual or perceived, produces real change.” Milton Friedman

Nigel Winterbottom’s hard-hitting adaptation of Naomi Klein’s best-selling book The Shock Doctrine is as much a film of and for our times as any you’re likely to see. It tells the story of how episodes of crisis — wars, famine, disease, economic depression — are used by our governments and their corporate sponsors to create a generalised state of shock in individuals, communities and whole societies. As the patient is overwhelmed by crisis, shock and their after effects, money and power is shifted from the many to the few.

Sound familiar?

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2 thoughts on “RGBS’s Film of the Week: The Shock Doctrine

  1. Glenn F says:

    Is there an English subtitles version I can access?

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