An Interview With David Malone


18/11/2013 by Don Quijones

The Renegade Economist is fast becoming one of the most important platforms for debate on the vital issues of our age. The following interview with David Malone, the author of The Debt Generation and in my view one of the foremost economics bloggers out there (you can check his work here), is certainly no exception. Touching on topics as rich and diverse as the Bill of “Obligations”, the intellectual bankruptcy of the economics profession, the insanity of short-termism and the treason of our political class, it is thirty minutes of vital viewing for anyone who gives the slightest shit about the world they — and we — live in.



2 thoughts on “An Interview With David Malone

  1. Stefan says:

    Can you see it entirely? Video stops around 10″. and audio stops at 13″. Or is it just me and my internet connection? Thank you.

  2. Cassiusclay says:

    Played fine for me and the copper wiring round here leaves a lot to be desired.

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