RGBS’s Film of the Week: Threads


31/10/2013 by Don Quijones

Guest post by Son of Seitan

Be warned, Threads is bleak. It will also sear itself into your memory like few films do, and is as powerful a denunciation of war as you could hope to see. Its power lies in the mundanity of the setting (harmless Sheffield in the UK), and the grotesque suffering that is inflicted on the weakest and most vulnerable in society in times of war.

It’s a particularly harrowing experience to see an old Yorkshire couple, still tenderly in love, try to support each other after their house and lives have been decimated by a nearby nuclear explosion. We also see how the government and armed forces maintain some level of control over a broken society, through their complete monopoly on remaining food supplies and weapons. And all throughout the film we are given a terrifyingly matter-of-fact commentary of the different stages of the ‘development’ of a post-nuclear impact world.

The film was originally shown in UK classrooms to a generation of unsuspecting kids. I’m not sure if that was really fair on them, but if you are ready for a dose of jolting, uncompromising reality, then press play…

English version:

Original English version with Spanish subtitles

If you liked this film (and to be honest, in this case “like” is probably not the right word), you might want to check out our rather humble though fast growing collection of Films of the Week.


2 thoughts on “RGBS’s Film of the Week: Threads

  1. mh505 says:

    indeed not the usual weekend fare ..

    “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought,
    but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones”
    Albert Einstein

    • Don Quijones says:

      Indeed mh. I saw the film about five days ago and I’m still recovering. As my friend SoS says, perhaps you never do fully recover. That said, it still counts as essential viewing in my mind.

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