Monthly Archives: September 2013

  1. Introducing… the Longest Rap Sheet in History


    20/09/2013 by Don Quijones

    As rap sheets go, none are quite as long or as varied as the current Too-Big-to-Fail Banks’. Now, thanks to …
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  2. Fear, Loathing and Collective Amnesia in Crisis-Ridden Spain


    19/09/2013 by Don Quijones

    If Spain and Catalonia were playing a real rather than figurative game of Russian Roulette, the revolver would now be …
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  3. How New York’s Five “Banking Families” Took Over (And Destroyed) the Global Economy

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    18/09/2013 by Don Quijones

    The following exerpt from the Max Keiser Show features a compelling interview with the U.S. investigative journalist Greg Palast, who …
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  4. Lies, Damned Lies & Sadistics: The IMF’s Role As Bankster Enforcer


    17/09/2013 by Don Quijones

    (First posted on 19th April, 2013). “We make or break human life every day of every year as probably no …
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  5. RGBS’s Film of the Week: The Red Balloon


    16/09/2013 by Don Quijones

    The following French short, about a red balloon with a life of its own that decides to follow a young …
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  6. RGBS Celebrates One Year of… Writing Bullshit


    10/09/2013 by Don Quijones

    In all the madness and mayhem of the last two weeks, I failed to realise, until today, that this meager …
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  7. RGBS’s Film of the Week: We Are Legion — The Story of the Hacktivists


    10/09/2013 by Don Quijones

    This week’s film of the week is an absolute must-watch documentary for anybody remotely interested in what’s happening in the …
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